Need help with writing a yum plugin

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Sun Mar 25 09:21:00 UTC 2012


I'm trying to write a yum plug-in: wait-for-kmod

For quite a few users, the kmods from RPMFusion are a must. Take
broadcom wireless for example. Now, the kmods generally lag the kernel
updates by a few hours: people who do update their systems in this
interval are left without wireless/display etc. on reboot. 

We see this issue regularly in #fedora, each time a kernel update is
pushed. The plug-in will make yum skip a updating the kernel if it sees
that the corresponding kmods are not yet available for update. 

I think this needs to be added in the postresolve slot, but I'm not
adept enough at the yum API yet. I have looked at the API: I spent most
of yesterday doing it. I think tsInfo is the way to go: 

- Get the currently running kernel
- Get a list of installed kmods
- In postresolve hook
	- check if the transaction set has kernel marked for update
	- if yes, check if all installed kmods have updates too
	- if all kmods aren't being updated, remove kernel from transaction

Could someone please confirm if this is the way to go? I'd be grateful
if any implementation specifics could also be given. (I was referring to
the fedorakmod plug-in in the yum-utils, but it seems to be grossly
outdated API wise)
Ankur: "FranciscoD"

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