memtest from F17 beta DVD images

Jaroslav Skarvada jskarvad at
Mon Mar 26 07:48:05 UTC 2012

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> I booted the F17 beta ISO (x86_64, if it matters) on two laptops and
> tried the provided memtest. In both cases it reported insane amounts
> of
> errors in test 7 after running successfully through tests 1..6. The
> reported error addresses are in the 120 MB area.
> I checked that when memtest is configured to go directly to test 7
> the
> errors appear right away.
> I have not had the chance to retest with older images but the chance
> that both laptops independently developed RAM problems in the same
> area
> seems small. I'll do more tests and file a Bugzilla report if it
> checks out.
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It seems to be related to gcc 4.7 update:


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