Managing the GNOME updates in Fedora

Rex Dieter rdieter at
Mon Mar 26 13:39:20 UTC 2012

Richard Hughes wrote:

> At the moment the GNOME updates in Fedora are a bit of chaotic affair.
> They mostly work, but only because of people like mclasen who spend
> hours and hours building packages and putting everything together
> manually. For 3.3.92 I experimented doing a mega-update and trying to
> get all the 3.3.92 builds in one place, and working with kalev on a
> google spreadsheet to make sure everything was built in good time, and
> nothing was left behind.

the kde-sig has similar pain-points doing mass updates.  Having a list of 
pkgs to build (seems done on google docs in your case already, good), and 
having your own koji tag/target does seem to simplify matters a bunch.  Then 
it's relatively easy to compose a bodhi update from the output from:
koji list-tagged --latest f16-gnome
for example.

-- rex

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