httpd 2.4 is coming, RFC on module packaging draft

"J├│hann B. Gu├░mundsson" johannbg at
Tue Mar 27 07:17:06 UTC 2012

On 03/27/2012 12:53 AM, Dennis Jacobfeuerborn wrote:
> I disagree. Since this is a major update that gets introduced together with
> a new Fedora version this opportunity should be used to make switches like
> these. Otherwise you'll be forced to either keep this compat stuff around
> for a long time (given the long apache release cycles) or remove it with a
> minor update when people least expect it.

I agree on you disagreement.

We are very good at inventing and implementing the latest and the 
greatest but terribly at removing the legacy cruff at the same time, 
which results in half baked implementation leaving various things in 
"compat" mode and half removed from the distribution/install.


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