Fwd: Standard ML in Fedora and in GSoC

Buddhike Kurera bckurera at fedoraproject.org
Tue Mar 27 13:30:15 UTC 2012

An idea found on the summer-coding list, please forward if you have
any idea, comment.
Thanks for the support !


Dear All,

Buddhike Kurera suggested me to write my idea and send it to this mailing list.

I am a functional programming advocate and would like to see Standard
ML projects in Fedora. Both a better infrastructure for the language
and actual projects that are implemented in SML.

For a short introduction why SML would be useful, check my blog entry:


I would add the following: as far as I know, daemons are written in
Python nowadays in Fedora, with a possible rewriting in C if speed and
memory footprint is critical. SML
could do both, as the sml/nj and the polyml compiler has an
interactive loop like
Python for creative programming, but the mlton whole-program
optimizing compiler generates executables with speed comparable to C
object files. It has a mathematical definition so it is easier to
argument about a program than in Python or C.

The first step could be proper packaging for various architectures and
platforms, and cross-compilation for these. mlton, polyml and mosml
has packaging but I did not find packaging for sml/nj.

The next step could be choosing a daemon task to write from scratch or
an existing one to rewrite.

I would appreciate your comments and questions on this.

- Gergely

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