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Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at redhat.com
Wed Mar 28 07:35:00 UTC 2012

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> Hello devel list,


> a few months ago I expressed my interest in porting the Ubuntu
> Software Center to Fedora, integrating the AppStream infrastructure
> for application metadata in our repository system.
> Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, since have stalled ever
> since
> and, although experimental Fedora support exists in upstream
> software-center sources, no rpm package is available, and neither
> work
> on yum / repodata / pkgdb integration was started.
> What is more, I'm now forced to reconsider my occupations and
> therefore I must say I'm not interested in working on this, short
> term. This may change a few months in the future, but for the time
> being I won't be doing any further development work. This means that
> I'm not going to propose the feature for F18.
> Of course, if any of you wants to volounteer, that would be great
> (this feature is still needed, if we want to reach the "greater
> public"). All my code is publicy available, and if you need any help
> to reach the same point as me (this screenshot [1]), just contact me
> privately.

I was talking to Michal Hrusecky during the Developer Conference, the 
OpenSUSE Boosters guy and they are trying to make this effort more 
widespread among distributions. He asked me for a interested contacts 
in Fedora, so now I found one :)

So it's probably worth to contact him (I can provide the contact if you


> Sorry for not being able to complete this, and thanks a lot for your
> time and attention,
> Giovanni
> [1]
> https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/339631_2220549998711_1396501732_31869785_1029708027_o.jpg
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