libmicrohttpd / gnutls / openvas

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Wed Mar 28 14:43:21 UTC 2012

"libmicrohttpd" seems to be broken due gnutls changes and
was not rebuilt for decades as also the autotests are
disabled in the src.rpm

* so simply rebuild the F15 version does not fix it
* rebuild the F16 package does not fix it
* update to 0.9.15 does not fix it
* update to > 0.9.15 would kill

my goal is get "Greenbone Security Assistant (GSA) 2.0.1"
running again after upgrade to F16

who is responsible for this?
there are 2 fedora and one external package involved
i see also in the (few) fedora-openvas packages
"disable gnutls pacth, enable gnutls patch" multiple times

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