Booting Fedora from LVM with grub2

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Wed Mar 28 20:16:25 UTC 2012

Am 28.03.2012 21:09, schrieb Jared K. Smith:
> On Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 12:16 PM, Reindl Harald <h.reindl at> wrote:
>> sorry but WHY do you strip the context of my message
> Because my reply wasn't about the content of your message.  My reply
> was all about the *tone* of your email.  

there was simply NOTHING wrong in the tone of my mail
because it is the same one i usually communicate with
many people over more than 10 years about technical
things and nobody has a problem exepct mailing lists

maybe the tone was minimal rude because i do absolutely
not understand why anyone can have the idea "hey let us
remove the whole custom partitioning and replace with
kickstart only" to solve problems with it

well if i burn  down the house my problem with a wrong
color is solved, but i doubt it does not help really :-)

> I know that language barrier
> is part of the problem here, but the tone of your email messages often
> comes across as demanding and condescending.

that may be your interpretation

i only try to be clear and as specific as possible by pointing out for me
very clear mistakes, bugs and wrong directions and if people starting to
judge every single word because it does not fit "their tone" we drive far
away from any sense

maybe i have often not enough patience by people
not understand what i try to tell them

don't get me wrong, but after using Fedora since FC3 on servers and
desktops, currently on more than 25 machines with all sort of things
(multimedia, desktop, database, router, firewall, httpd, vpn,
fileserver, voice-over-ip, dns, dhcp, ftp and some other services
while develop all backends and most websoftware internal and for customers)
i am pretty sure that there are really few people out there using the
distribtuion in so many different setups, and even - not many
are free to make each infrastructure decision involved too

maybe this overall point of view of so many parts of a linux-system is
the reason for my missing patience and sometimes not knowing how to
explain someone who is only interested in a small specific part what
i am saying because i can not explain over and over the full bandwith
and where things act together AND do this in a foreign language

sorry, but thats me

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