Dependencies on Bodhi Updates

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at
Wed Mar 28 23:26:15 UTC 2012

Adam Williamson wrote:
> I think we'd need to make the second more optional than you suggest,
> though. For instance, when the desktop team pushes a 'GNOME 3.4' update
> with 30 packages in it, they really want that update to be tested as a
> whole - broadly they just want people to install all the updates, boot
> into GNOME, and make sure stuff mostly works. They probably don't want
> the entire update blocked if there's a typo in the Help file for one of
> the games, or something.

Indeed. If I can't push my KDE SC update group because kfloppy doesn't have 
karma, I'm going to yell so loud that you'll be able to hear it even in 
America or Australia (*)! ;-)

        Kevin Kofler

(*) which is NOT anywhere near Austria (where I live), for the geography-
challenged among the readers of the mailing list ;-)

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