ARM as a primary architecture

Matthew Garrett mjg at
Thu Mar 29 03:00:43 UTC 2012

On Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 07:42:59PM -0700, Brendan Conoboy wrote:
> On 03/28/2012 07:27 PM, Andy Grover wrote:
> >Wait, I thought there was some kind of "flattened device tree" or
> >something that the ARM folks thought would let them avoid ACPI. Did that
> >not pan out? Maybe MS put the kibosh on it?
> In the long run you're likely to see FDT for mobile devices and UEFI
> for servers.  Jon's prognostications are regarding the long view
> (years).

In the short term you're going to be seeing UEFI/ACPI for any hardware 
that's intended to run Windows, so I suspect that's going to spread 
fairly quickly unless vendors want to produce multiple firmware 
implementations for otherwise similar hardware.

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