plug software for fender mustang

Ian Malone ibmalone at
Thu Mar 29 23:18:03 UTC 2012


I'm interested in getting Plug
included in Fedora, this is a package that supports control of the
Fender Mustang range of amplifiers via USB, licensed under GPL3. It
has dependencies on qt4 and libusb and is currently packaged through
OpenSUSE. I've looked at the spec file and there are some minimal
changes required to build on fedora and pass rpmlint. So, what's the
next step? If necessary I can volunteer to maintain it myself (and
would have to volunteer as a maintainer), but would be more than happy
for someone else to take it.

Minor issue that still needs sorted out with .spec file: the source is
hosted at bitbucket, which means that the source package gets
downloaded through a redirection URL by commit id and also contains an
extra subdirectory level, I haven't found a REST request yet that can
get round that.

Thanks for your time,

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