plug software for fender mustang

Jason L Tibbitts III tibbs at
Thu Mar 29 23:25:15 UTC 2012

>>>>> "IM" == Ian Malone <ibmalone at> writes:

IM> So, what's the next step? If necessary I can volunteer to maintain
IM> it myself (and would have to volunteer as a maintainer), but would
IM> be more than happy for someone else to take it.

Well, assuming that nobody else takes it, and also assuming that you're
not already a packager, you can head to
for the huge, massive list of steps involved.

IM> Minor issue that still needs sorted out with .spec file: the source
IM> is hosted at bitbucket, which means that the source package gets
IM> downloaded through a redirection URL by commit id and also contains
IM> an extra subdirectory level, I haven't found a REST request yet that
IM> can get round that.

That's OK; tells
you what to do.

 - J<

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