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Dave M dave.nerd at
Sat Mar 31 17:00:22 UTC 2012

Hello all,

(Disclaimer: I'm both upstream and maintainer for a project)

Question regarding location of help documentation:  I'm going to start
including help documentation with a program.  In doing research for
packaging tips, there's both /usr/share/gnome/help/$package and
/usr/share/help/$locale.  The vast majority are located under the

However, I came across this bug report
( which states that
Gnome has moved to packaging documentation under the latter option.
It also includes how the rpm spec will handle the documentation files.

As a still novice packager, is this bug report and its rpm spec a good
example to use?  Just want to make sure I have everything in order
since it's a big change for a pretty basic rpm spec.

(Also, I noticed Debian seems to put everything under
/usr/share/gnome/help/$package.  Not a concern for this mailing list,
but it's something for me to keep in mind as I package debs for this

Thanks for any guidance,
Dave M

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