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Wed Mar 7 00:37:19 UTC 2012

differs more from FM 0.9.0 xml.

> This is also a result of the way Java projects ship their software
> which makes it hard to use it in a way, we need it in fedora.

Effectively, I am not too lucky with the Open-JDK on one of my
notebook. I must kill the ibus daemon (I learn Japanese), else I lose
keyboard input in the Freemind window.

On the same machine, I tried freeplane beta 1.2, and the CPU cycle rose
to 100%. I don't know if the proprietary Java JRE would fix these
issues? I only use Freemind as Java application

> I know that there were some issues of freemind with regard to
> exporting (which should be mostly fixed by now)

It is fixed in the F-16 package

and with the usage of
> Japanese Letters or Signs, but this is more an upstream thing and
> there is not much we could do about.

Wouldn't be better to orphan FM, and package FP instead? There must be
good reasons if this fork has happened. When I look at the FM bugs & the
feature requests on sourceforge, there is little feedback, for what I
could read.

It's only a question. I don't know the about the FM dev. team. I have
only tried both applications, I read both wiki, and I read the FP user
feedback, it looks overly good.

> The only way freeplane is coming to fedora is that someone steps up
> and does the required packaging work. (Note that I am also not really
> a programmer and was also just an "end user" before I started working
> on fedora) ;-)

I see, so unless you "like it better" for any reason, freeplane is not
coming in the F-repository. I have looked at It's above
my competence.

As someone else pointed out in another reply, there is a FP rpm package
for OpenSuse. Are the OpenSuse packages compatible with Fedora?

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