Proposal for revitalizing the sponsorship process for packaging

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Wed May 2 06:55:22 UTC 2012

On 05/02/2012 05:34 AM, Horst H. von Brand wrote:
> Vít Ondruch<vondruch at>  wrote:
>> Dne 26.4.2012 18:13, Alec Leamas napsal(a):
>>> On 04/26/2012 05:49 PM, Michael Schwendt wrote:
>>>> On Thu, 26 Apr 2012 17:32:17 +0200, AL (Alec) wrote:
> [...]
>> I am thinking about some "dumping" repository, where people would dump
>> their packages and they would need almost no qualification. Of course
>> using such packages would be without any warranty. The packages would
>> not be owned by anybody, so everybody would improve them (or
>> eventually corrupt them ;)). Once somebody would be interested enough
>> to become official maintainer, he would apply to official review and
>> the package would get into official Fedora repo.
> There are several personal repos around, this is sort of what you
> propose.
Now, I didn't write those lines. But besides that, the personal repos 
miss the actual usecase: someone which is *not* heavily involved in the 
fedora packaging which comes up with an application which needs 
packaging and thus a packager (my initial idea). Or as in this case a 
package which might "work" without being properly reviewed.

I sort of like the "submit a provisional spec" approach. It will qualify 
the requests, and the requester will get some basic understanding making 
future communications with an upcoming packager easier. And, of course, 
there will be users out there using the provisional package. There might 
even be feedback.

Still, the basic approach would be a path for people involved in a Great 
Application out there to bring both the package and themselves into 
contact with a packager. From the packagers perspective, it would be a 
opportunity to find not only applications but also a qualified upstream 
contact. Despite the obstacles, many being listed in this thread, I see 
opportunities in this. One aspect is to not force people without 
motivation to become packagers - this might in turn decrease the 
pressure on sponsors. Jon's approach was a bugzilla request, something 
like a "Packaging request". For me this looks like a very reasonable 
starting point for "How?" 

Actually, I know examples of Great Applications which are now sitting in 
review queue submitted by people who are not likely to become packagers 
- the barrier is too high for them. This creates an extremely bad 
situation. The submitter eventually drops off, with the feeling that 
Fedora is... well, nothing nice. And the application becomes "blocked", 
since no other packager can "take over" the request. Yes, there are 
technical solution to this, but nothing acceptable from a social point 
of view in many cases.

Things would be so much better both for the submitter and the community 
if this had been handled differently.

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