Examining -static package build timestamps in koji

Michael Schwendt mschwendt at gmail.com
Fri May 4 13:23:08 UTC 2012

* 40 packages in Rawhide are older than one of their -static
  BuildRequires. Doesn't mean much. Just curious. Of those 40 packages,

     7 link with binutils libs
    21 link with flex libs        <-- flex doesn't change often, though
     3 link with g2clib libs
     6 link with hdf libs
     3 link with nss or nss-softokn

* The age difference of the builds is between 0 and 447 days compared with
  their static BR.
  For g2clib between 15 and 55 days.
  For hdf between 1 and 60 days.

  And huh? 447 days?

    ksplice-0.9.9-2.fc15.src  older than  binutils-
      447 days

    esc-1.1.0-14.fc15.src  older than  nss-3.13.4-3.fc18.src.rpm
      385 days

    tilda-0.9.6-6.fc16.src  older than  flex-2.5.35-15.fc18.src.rpm
      231 days

* Not bad, I think.

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