Install Fedora Button for LiveCD

Ray Strode halfline at
Fri May 4 13:41:41 UTC 2012

Hey again,

On Fri, May 4, 2012 at 9:19 AM, Cosimo Cecchi <cosimoc at> wrote:
>> // provided by the 'anaconda' package
>> anacondaApp ='anaconda.desktop');
>> if (!anacondaApp)
>>     anacondaApp ='liveinst.desktop');
>> I think you only want liveinst.desktop and not anaconda.desktop.
>> Minimally, you need to swap them so liveinst.desktop gets run by
>> default.
> Yeah good point - I copied that code from Kalev's notification, but it
> seems /usr/share/applications/anaconda.desktop is not provided by any
> package in my F17, so I now just removed it.
Sorry to give you bad advice, I was totally wrong.

We do this in the kickstart file:

mv /usr/share/applications/liveinst.desktop

I believe we do that so the WM_CLASS matches.

My misguided messages was because I was worried anaconda was getting
run instead of /usr/sbin/liveinst


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