Like C++? Not afraid of quirky build systems? Seeking LLVM co-maintainers

Paulo César Pereira de Andrade at
Sun May 6 15:12:22 UTC 2012

2012/5/6 Michel Alexandre Salim <salimma at>:

> Hi all,
> LLVM is becoming an increasingly integral part of our distribution
> (with mesa now using it to build the LLVMpipe renderer, for example)
> that I don't really feel comfortable maintaining it mostly by myself.
> I'd love to have some extra help here -- especially those with deep
> C++ expertise; until we get LLVM's own libcxx packaged (it currently
> only supports OS X), LLVM's clang C/C++/Obj-C/Objc-C++ compiler tends
> to play catch-up with g++/libstdc++ in its C++11 support, and since
> upstream does not support older branches post-release, it's normally
> up to us to try and backport patches whenever GCC in a stable release
> gets updated.
> Also, LLVM's packaging is currently not optimal --
> -- even if you're
> not interested in C++ support, you're more than welcome to help fix
> other issues!

  About packaging I can at least give some ideas. I completely
redesigned the llvm package in Mandriva some months ago. See

"selling point" is using the Mandriva library policy, so it is possible,
for example, to have installed at the same time libllvm3.0 and a
possible libllvm3.1 in the near future. But the "choice" to give it
major/minor 3.0 is not official...

  Also, libraries are installed in libdir, %_not %_libdir/llvm

  The advantage of building it with cmake is that llvm and clang
packages are shared and a release build by default, and require
like 6+ MB, while if built with %configure it will use like 250MB+
in a debug/static build to include everything.

> TIA,
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