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Robin 'cheese' Lee cheeselee at
Wed May 9 13:48:03 UTC 2012

I am the reviewer. My opinion is, if Faces-pm is dead and the modules from
Faces-pm have been adopted and maintained by OpenERP, we can let OpenERP
go. Importing an upstream-dead and dedicatedly patched package sounds


On Wed, May 9, 2012 at 8:35 PM, Alec Leamas <leamas.alec at> wrote:

> This is about BZ 817268, python-faces. The faces library is bundled in
> openerp-server, and the request is about unbundling this library.
> Faces is basically two python packages and a binary application. The
> upstream is dead. The library cannot be used or even installed  in current
> upstream state, mostly because of references to old versions of matplotlib.
> However, OpenERP (OE) has bundled, patched and used the library.
> So I have submitted a request package python-faces based on the OE patch.
> This makes the package work for OE's needs, but has drawbacks:
> - The API is changed ( is patched), basically by limiting it to
> what works.
> - The binary application is no longer  compatible with the patched lib, so
> it must be removed..
> My reviewer's position is that:
> - The sources should be included in OE instead of being packaged
> separately.
> - The patch is unacceptable because it changes the API.
> - Removing the binary application is unacceptable.
> My position is that
>  - Bundling is not an option,
> -  It's better to have something with at least some functionality which is
> maintained by OE, than no package at all.
> - The patch basically limits the API to what actually works. This is not
> unreasonable.
> - There are no general rules against changing API or removing parts which
> don't work in this situation - that is not to say it should be done lightly.
> I have looked inte patching the package, but it's beyond what I can do in
> terms om time and competence. The hard issues are references to old
> matpotlib APIs, together with the non-existing community. There has been
> attempts to update faces to recent standards. Actually, the last commits in
> the faces repo (2010)  are OE contributions i. e., they make a maintenance
> work. However, their interest  is in the library, not in the application.
> Nevertheless, I and my reviewer needs to  find a common understanding on
> this issues. Could someone please have a look at this bug, and give some
> input?
> The link:**show_bug.cgi?id=817268<>
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