Proposed F18 feature: MiniDebugInfo

Adam Jackson ajax at
Wed May 9 18:46:22 UTC 2012

On Wed, 2012-05-09 at 11:20 -0700, John Reiser wrote:
> On 05/09/2012 08:57 AM, Adam Jackson wrote:
> > I know I've said this before, but: we should break the CD size barrier
> > precisely so people can't burn things to CDs.  If you must burn to
> > optical media, do yourself a favor and burn a DVD, the reduced seek time
> > is entirely worth it.
> > 
> > 1G fits on both the smallest MiniDVD format and most extant USB sticks.
> > Let's do it already.
> If so, then please acknowledge explicitly that Fedora would be discarding
> some 4% of running, otherwise-capable machines (especially old laptops)
> that can read only CD and not DVD, some 7% of working USB sticks that are
> 512MB or less, and some 5% of working boxes that cannot boot from USB.

Those are wonderful numbers.  How ever did you arrive at them?

Also: Live image still not the only install method, hyperbole is not

- ajax

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