Fedora 17: Heads up for folks using xrdp with custom resolutions

Bojan Smojver bojan at rexursive.com
Fri May 11 03:37:58 UTC 2012

Just finished fixing an upgrade of F16 to F17, where I have xrdp running
under a custom resolution (i.e. the one that no known monitor would
normally use). It seems that this somehow confused Gnome (or maybe gnome
confused Xvnc, or xrdp or whatever) in F17, so it would basically
disconnect Xvnc (which runs underneath xrdp) every time a connection
would get established. I fixed this by starting Xvnc directly,
connecting with VNC viewer and then applying the custom resolution
(which actually did appear on the list of available resolutions) under
System Settings, Displays.

I even tried creating a brand new user account for this, but it would
fail in exactly the same way (so it's not some old settings left over
from before the upgrade).

I don't really know which component caused this behaviour, ergo the
general e-mail to the dev list. Maybe something to do with RandR... No


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