New libtiff version in rawhide, requires dependent packages rebuild

Pavel Alexeev forum at
Fri May 11 16:15:31 UTC 2012

06.05.2012 20:10, Tom Lane wrote:
> I have pushed libtiff 4.0.1 into rawhide, replacing libtiff 3.9.5.
> This entails a library soname bump and a few small source-level
> incompatibilities, as detailed at
> By my count there are about a hundred dependent packages (see list
> below), so to avoid breaking rawhide until everything can be rebuilt,
> I have put the old 3.9.x library into a temporary subpackage
> "libtiff-compat".  (We used the same trick a few months ago for libpng
> and it seemed to work all right.)
> I did trial rebuilds of all these packages against libtiff 4.0.1,
> and found only three that appear to need any source-code changes;
> though another dozen have pre-existing FTBFS problems which means
> I can't tell for sure if they would build against the new libtiff.
> If any of these packages are yours, please rebuild at the soonest
> opportunity.  If you need advice about fixing either libtiff- or
> libpng-dependent code, contact me off-list and I'll be glad to
> try to help.
> 			regards, tom lane
> hubbitus    ImageMagick
> hubbitus    fotoxx

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