FIFE package in Fedora

Nelson Marques nmo.marques at
Fri May 11 19:20:47 UTC 2012

The FIFE[1] Engine package in Fedora in the past provided public
static and shared objects; From one of my talks with 'prock' from
upstream he stated that:

  - public shared libraries are not supported by upstream and are not
used by any of the current clients;
  - static blobs are not used by clients and aren't either supported;
  - all that clients are expecting is the in the python-fife
package and the respective python stuff;

During the update to 0.3.3r3 made by Tom on request to BZ757352 we
supressed the static package... On future updates can we also supress
the public shared objects since they are not used by any client and
I'm not really sure if anyone will have any usage for them at all...
Anyone developing games with FIFE ? :)

Another issue regarding fife is how Fedora currently packages it:

 fife: provides currently the dynamic shared objects;
 fife-python: provides the python wrapped stuff (this is the only
package clients expect)
 fife-devel: development stuff

Would it make more sense to have it this way:

 - python-fife (with virtual provides to FIFE, assuming we can
Provide/Obsolete a bit for smoother transiction in clients);
 - fife-libs (the dynamic shared objects, not supported by upstream in any way)
 - fife-devel

Any comments? Simon?
[1] -

Nelson Marques
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