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Toshio Kuratomi a.badger at
Fri May 11 19:38:24 UTC 2012

On Fri, May 11, 2012 at 08:20:47PM +0100, Nelson Marques wrote:
> The FIFE[1] Engine package in Fedora in the past provided public
> static and shared objects; From one of my talks with 'prock' from
> upstream he stated that:
>   - public shared libraries are not supported by upstream and are not
> used by any of the current clients;
>   - static blobs are not used by clients and aren't either supported;
>   - all that clients are expecting is the in the python-fife
> package and the respective python stuff;
> During the update to 0.3.3r3 made by Tom on request to BZ757352 we
> supressed the static package... On future updates can we also supress
> the public shared objects since they are not used by any client and
> I'm not really sure if anyone will have any usage for them at all...
> Anyone developing games with FIFE ? :)

Sounds like building a library is just an artifact of upstream's build
scripts as they are creating their python extension module.  Repoquery
doesn't show anything in the Fedora 16 repositories that are using the

> Another issue regarding fife is how Fedora currently packages it:
>  fife: provides currently the dynamic shared objects;
>  fife-python: provides the python wrapped stuff (this is the only
> package clients expect)
>  fife-devel: development stuff
> Would it make more sense to have it this way:
>  - python-fife (with virtual provides to FIFE, assuming we can
> Provide/Obsolete a bit for smoother transiction in clients);
>  - fife-libs (the dynamic shared objects, not supported by upstream in any way)
>  - fife-devel
If you're going to remove the fife libraries then I'd probably make it look
more like this:

* Do a rename package review to rename the package from fife to python-fife.
* Have this package only build and ship the python-fife binding.  The fife
  "library" is compiled as part of this as an internal static archive (it's
  built as a static archive but it's purpose is not to be shipped -- it's
  just an intermediate container for the building of the python C extension
* Have the python-fife package Obsolete: fife <= (The version that last
  shipped a fife library).
* Do not have the python-fife package Provide: fife
* Do not have a fife or fife-libs package.  Do not have a fife-devel.

Just remember that if other packages start using libfife, you'll need to
revisit this and probably revert all these changes (so that you're once
again building a and linking the python extension against that).

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