[fedora-arm] Fedora ARM VFAD - May 11th - 12pm (EDT)

Brendan Conoboy blc at redhat.com
Fri May 11 23:39:26 UTC 2012

On 05/09/2012 03:32 PM, Paul Whalen wrote:
> As per our meeting today, we would like to have a VFAD on Friday May 11th at 12pm (EDT) to run through the modified Fedora ARM release criteria (http://etherpad.proximity.on.ca:9001/p/k8c7SAPEhA ) in preparation for the Fedora 17 ARM Beta release. Please take a moment before the VFAD to review the release
> criteria and provide feedback in #fedora-arm rather then editing the document directly.

Hi Everybody,

Thanks to everybody who took part testing images during today's VFAD! 
Here is a summary of what was covered:

The following images (At http://scotland.proximity.on.ca/arm-nightlies/) 
are booting and operating correctly:

Trimslice for serial console with SD Card
Trimslice for serial console with USB Sata
Raspberry Pi for serial console with SD Card (Non-F17 kernel)
Raspberry Pi for X console with SD Card (Non-F17 kernel)
Versatile Express for serial console with qemu-system-arm (Non-F17 kernel
Versatile Express for X with qemu-system-arm (Non-F17 kernel)

The following images did boot successfully, but some people observed 
network issues:

Beagleboard XM for serial console with SD Card (Hard Float)
Beagleboard XM for serial console with SD Card (Soft Float)

I'm rebuilding the Beagle XM images now with a new uboot and an old 
(known good) kernel.  We'll be looking for testers on these- let me know 
if you plan on trying out either configuration and I will let you know 
when the new image is in place.

The following images did not boot successfully:

Pandaboard for serial console with SD Card
Pandaboard for serial console with USB SATA

The Pandas had problems with the uboot environment (It had never been 
tested), as well as a kernel panic during boot.  Like the Beagle XMs, 
these are being regenerated. Let me know if you plan on retesting. 
Additionally, the USB SATA image will require a companion SD image to 
provide MLO/UBoot.  This is not currently provided.

The following image was not tested:

iMX51 for serial console with SD Card.  This image might work with an 
Efika smarttop (?), but nobody had a chance to test it out.  Please note 
if you're planning on testing this, this is not going to give you a 
groovy Efika F17 GUI experience- they're still working on the kernel 
drivers, as I understand it.  It's a serial console only image.

With regard to release criteria:

Alpha Release Criteria:

o Each image is accompanied by an MD5 sum.

o No known file conflicts exist.

o Firstboot: Is not currently operable, but the images do automatically 
resize and a guest account is available for the X images.  Todo.

o Virtual consoles: Unknown. Todo.

o Default web browser: A web browser is not installed in any image. 
Suggestions for a suitable browser welcome. Todo.

o Update status: Images are up-to-date at generation time.  Yum update 

o Graphics: Base X, XFCE Desktop are installed and provide artwork. 
Graphical bootloader was not tested (rhgb?).  Graphical login and xfce work.

o Syslog: Is installed, functional.

o Shutdown: Reboot reboots or halts, halt halts.

Beta Release Criteria:

o Alpha release criteria met?  Not quite, see above.

o Bugs in beta tracker were not checked today.

o All images are under 4G in size when uncompressed.  X images are 
3800MB.  Serial images are 1900MB.

o Unaware of virtual console testing. Todo.

o Unaware of any audio testing performed. Todo.

o Desktop testing was minimal but breadth is incomplete (no web 
browser). Todo.

o Removable media was not automatically mounted (or detected) on at 
least 1 Trimslice.  Todo.

o Default update manager testing indicates gnome-packagekit is needed. 
New X images will include this package.

o Desktop reboot/shutdown/suspend untested.

Plans for what's next:

o jonmasters to track down the OMAP (Panda/Beagle) issue.

o bconoboy to regenerate images with OMAP workarounds and other VFAD 
feedback fixes.

o pbrobinson to integrate Versatile Express kernel configuration into 
official kernel-3.3.x.fc17 tree.

o Much more testing (It's happening even now).

Thanks to jcapik, pbrobinson, dmarlin, dgilmore, pwhalen, pbrobinson, 
jskarvad, djdelorie, jonmasters, jsmith, jmontleon, ctyler, maxam, and 
the rest of the Seneca crew for testing images, providing feedback, and 
making today a great success.

Brendan Conoboy / Red Hat, Inc. / blc at redhat.com

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