Like C++? Not afraid of quirky build systems? Seeking LLVM co-maintainers

Adam Jackson ajax at
Mon May 14 15:23:09 UTC 2012

On Sun, 2012-05-13 at 12:21 +0700, Michel Alexandre Salim wrote:

> Apart from the worrying test suite results on secondary archs,
> actually it's the libstdc++ issue that's causing the most headache.
> How much effort does it take to maintain a compatibility version of
> libstdc++? It'd make clang much more useful if we're not caught
> between upstream (that abandons released versions) and the Fedora GCC
> team's fast update cycles.

Apologies, I'm not familiar with this part of the eternal waking
nightmare called C++.  Can you give more details?

- ajax
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