Glen Turner gdt at
Mon May 14 22:55:48 UTC 2012

On 15/05/12 07:21, Colin Stubbs wrote:

> These are what I've fiddled with/created and am currently using for FC16/x86_64,

You might want to add the patch for multiple idlepc values. This makes a
big difference in practice.

As far as Fedora's policy "Packages which are not useful without
external bits" note that there are repositories such as rpmfusion with
less strict inclusion criteria. Perhaps your package would be happier
there, whilst still making it easy for Fedora users to install GNS3.

Note that Cisco is not the world's only networking vendor and some other
vendors make their software available as a VM image for evaluation and
learning. You might add the ready availability of learning platforms to
the Request for Tender the next time you make a major networking purchase.

Glen Turner

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