Installer unable to detect Geforce GTX 460 v2

Luya Tshimbalanga luya at
Tue May 15 08:51:01 UTC 2012

I used the ip address given by the router. I noticed a warning message 
from dracut
complaining about missing gateway and netmask. In addition, netboot was 
configured at all. As a result, I received the same message "connection 
 Be in mind both desktop and laptop are on the same network
meaning I should use 192.168.x.x for example.

Do I need to add something like ip=<ip><gateway><netmask>?

On Tue 15 May 2012 12:49:39 AM PDT, Vratislav Podzimek wrote:
> 'sshd' boot parameter should be working. Please try 'sshd=1' and if that
> works or if none of them works, please file a bug that both should be
> working.
> Of course you have to know the IP address of the machine, that could be
> a tricky part when using DHCP. If you can use a static IP address, add
> 'ip=IP_ADDRESS' to the command line options. And also don't forget to
> add 'root@' to your ssh command, if you are connecting as the non-root
> user. So something like:
> $ ssh root at IP_ADDRESS
> This way it works for me with Fedora 17 Beta DVD.

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