nginx custom script location

Jamie Nguyen jamie at
Tue May 15 22:21:24 UTC 2012


Currently trying to sort out:

Following an update to the nginx package, the command below would
allow the server to switch to the new binary with zero-downtime (new
process created, old process gracefully phased out):

   /etc/init.d/nginx upgrade

This has disappeared following migration to systemd, so my intention
is to include an nginx-upgrade shell script to replace this

My question is, where should this shell script go? In /usr/bin/nginx-upgrade?

(As an aside, the other approach is to *automatically* do a
zero-downtime upgrade in %post. This is the simplest solution and I
think Debian do an automatic zero-downtime upgrade for their nginx
package. I was entertaining this idea earlier but now feel it's safer
and more in line with user expectations to require manual
intervention. In most cases, currently running services are not
affected by system updates without manually restarting the service.)

Kind regards,

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