Packaging Guidelines - creating tarball from VCS with script

Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Wed May 16 16:10:17 UTC 2012

On Tue, 15 May 2012 23:30:27 +0300
Oron Peled <oron at> wrote:


>  * A .spec file with the extra %vcs_prep and Vcs-URL can create SRPM
>    directly from the vcs-repo. This SRPM can be uploaded to our
>    build system and be used for building *without* any interaction
>    with the vcs.

I very much dislike this. Currently offical builds cannot use src.rpms,
they must use VCS. This allows us to be able to easily see what was in
a build. If we allow arbitray src.rpms it opens up a big can of worms: 

- We have to store those src.rpms forever (or many years). 
- Looking at what was used requires you to download a big src.rpm and
  unpack it instead of looking at a git hash in a repo. 
- There's much less auditing. Someone could upload a src.rpm with
  horrible junk in it and the only way to tell would be to download and
  inspect it. 

So, I think thats a big no go. ;) 

Otherwise this sounds like great stuff to talk to rpm upstream
about. ;) 


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