Non-GNOME version numbers -- maintainer help required!!

Richard Hughes hughsient at
Thu May 17 16:51:47 UTC 2012


The script is doing a great job of building all the tarballs
that come from that adhere to the official gnome
numbering scheme. This means we can build an entire gnome point update
automatically in about an afternoon whereas before it used to take
days of manual work. Where fails is where gnome modules do
something funky with the version, and then it gets paranoid and errs
on the side of caution and ignores the module.

There are lots of things that I need clarifying -- e.g. what major
version of clutter should we be building for F16? What version of
libsoup do we want to be building in rawhide?

I'm working on upgrading to take a XML file with all of this
stuff encoded. If you can help, I'd appreciate if you can visit
and fill in the glob for anything you know. I've guessed quite a few
for F17, but please feel free to correct my assumptions if you know



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