Total size of Fedora source

Alek Paunov alex at
Fri May 18 13:17:29 UTC 2012

Hi Rich,

On 18.05.2012 15:49, Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
> The reason is that I want to check out all the source for an
> experiment, and I need to know what order of disk space I will need [:-)]

Would you like to elaborate - What kind of experiment you are preparing?

[Asking because I live with the idea about Fxx-snapshot mass source 
indexing/XRref for long time already (based mainly on the great David 
Malcolm's gcc-python-plugin, the openjdk compiler and several other 
tools) and if your work will be in the same direction I am willing to 
take part of the tasks - e.g. DBs related work ...]

Kind Regards,

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