Stop the git abuse

Stanislav Ochotnicky sochotnicky at
Fri May 18 16:35:45 UTC 2012

I've been seeing this ugliness more and more to the point where I just
can't keep writing individual emails. Repeat after me: git is not CVS.

When you have 2 branches with identical content and history (typically
right after branching or when the maintainer is updating all releases
together) then DO NOT manually redo fix for every branch. Do not even
use cherry-pick! Just *merge* for the love of whatever is holy to you.

$ git checkout master (or fedpkg switch-branch)
... do a fix, test, commit, build etc...
$ git checkout f17 
$ git merge master
$ git/fedpkg push && fedpkg build

If the branches are in sync you just saved yourself few minutes. More
importantly you have saved other people like me heap of time because I
will not have to wonder what is different in each branch suddenly. Hint:
in 99% cases nothing. It could still nice linear history. And then there
are those gems where while doing manual fixes you introduce typos and
bugs (yes, it happenes).

F16, F17 and rawhide could be the same commmit and just few commits
ahead of F15. But the way it was done, it's not obvious that F17 has a
typo causing problems.

So please. Merge as long as it makes sense (i.e. unless something needs
to be changed specifically in one branch).


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