msp430mcu: To -devel or not to -devel

Rob Spanton rspanton at
Fri May 18 13:48:32 UTC 2012


I'm working on bringing the msp430 cross-compilation toolchain
up-to-date.  About a year ago, the mspgcc project made a big jump
forwards and this has changed some things about how the project works.

There's a C library for the msp430 micro-controllers called msp430-libc.
This used to contain all of the headers (and linker scripts, I think)
for the various msp430s that one might want to compile for.  However,
the new mspgcc splits these two things into two packages: the headers
and linker scripts in "msp430mcu" and the C library in msp430-libc.

So I'd like to submit a new "msp430mcu" package for review.  This
package would almost entirely consist of headers and linker scripts.
Since this package would be essential for cross-compiling *anything* for
the msp430, am I correct in thinking that this shouldn't be a "-devel"
package?  (If it were, then the non-"-devel" variant of it would be
pretty much empty...)

rpmlint doesn't seem to be very happy about me shipping this rpm that
contains a lot of headers.  So unhappy that it tells me 454 times about
it ;-)


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