RealHotspot availability

Gerry Reno greno at
Fri May 18 22:21:21 UTC 2012

In looking back through some of the meeting minutes I saw that RealHotspot has been approved for Fedora 18.

    #fedora-meeting: FESCO (2012-03-19)

    Meeting started by limburgher at 18:00:23 UTC. The full logs are
    available at

    Meeting summary

    * #823 F18 Feature: Network Manager hotspots -  (limburgher,
      * AGREED: F18 Network Manager hotspots is passed  (+8,-:0,0:0)
        (limburgher, 18:10:51)

What are the chances of having RealHotspot backported for F17 and F16 and available as an update?

None of my devices will connect using adhoc connection in my Fedora 16 installation and having a true AP hotspot would
certainly improve things tremendously.


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