Stop the git abuse

Michael J Gruber michaeljgruber+gmane at
Mon May 21 14:16:20 UTC 2012

Karel Zak venit, vidit, dixit 21.05.2012 12:43:
> On Mon, May 21, 2012 at 11:52:40AM +0200, Michael J Gruber wrote:
>> Just like we have mandatory packaging guidelines, we should have
>> mandatory git guidelines simply because it is part of the build system,
>  yep, and also mailing list guidelines, bugzilla guidelines and
>  finally fashion police...

That's a strawman argument, of course.

The main difference between fedora-scm and the things you mention is
"system". fedora-scm is part of the release infrastructure system, and
making automated things work requires the users to follow policies. We
have that for branch names already, which is why and how "fedpkg
build/update" work. Extending the guidelines to commit messages would
make them usable in the same way.

>  What about freedom and responsibility?
>  I think fedora contributors are smart enough to maintain git commit
>  messages and changelogs. Some FAQs/HOWTOs should be enough.

I'm surely not questioning anyone's smartness, just as much as not every
fedora-scm git repo is in a state proofing the owner's smartness, or
rather: their git (or DSCM) awareness.


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