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Ben Rosser rosser.bjr at
Tue May 22 01:40:07 UTC 2012

Hello all,

I've been sitting silently in this mailing list for the past few weeks, but
just this afternoon submitted my first package review request for pdfminer,
a Python library for extracting plaintext, HTML, and images from a pdf

I learned the basics of writing a spec file a while back, but nothing
really ever came of this as I couldn't find any software I was actually
interested in packaging. That is, until recently, when I found myself using
pdfminer in a small project (I'm primarily a Python programmer, though I
mess around with lots of other languages). So then I saw it wasn't packaged
in Fedora, and decided it would be a perfect first package for me.

I've used Fedora since 13/14, but again, only recently decided I wanted to
become involved in development and packaging.

I am (obviously) looking for a sponsor to proceed further with Fedora
packaging- as I said in the review ticket itself, I can start doing reviews
of other people's packages soon as part of that process.

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