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Tue May 22 11:22:29 UTC 2012

Quoting Vít Ondruch (2012-05-22 10:01:06)
> Dne 21.5.2012 18:47, Stanislav Ochotnicky napsal(a):
> > Quoting Ralf Corsepius (2012-05-21 17:13:56)
> >> On 05/21/2012 12:09 PM, Matej Cepl wrote:
> >>> On 21.5.2012 10:23, Ralf Corsepius wrote:
> >>>> -1 changelogs are manually written documents and source files.
> >>> And your commit messages are written by aliens?
> >> My change logs are inside of the rpm.spec.
> >>
> >>> You are lucky! I have to
> >>> write them myself  (and I really hate that I have to write the same
> >>> information thrice
> >> I usually write them once:
> >> <editor>  *.spec
> >> fedpkg clog
> >> fedpkg commit -F clog -p
> >>
> >> [Due to "fedpkg clog" weaknesses, the commits being generated look awful.]
> > Yes, I didn't like them either. That's why instead of whining I sent
> > Jesse a patch and it's been fixed for a few months. I suggest you retry.
> Ah, that was you who is proposing patches against guidelines [1] and 
> expectations, so now fedpkg is providing broken clog?

You are mixing up spec %changelog with SCM log. Only thing I've changed
was removing "-" in first item and adding 1 empty line after it. I never
use clog for creating changelog in spec so I don't know how it's
supposed to work. I assume it stopped working right after cvs->fedpkg
transition. Guidelines say nothing about SCM log, just about spec
%changelog format

I just do C-c C-r to raise release number, C-c C-e to
write my message, then "fedpkg commit -c" to create commit out of it.
Works like a charm

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