Stop the git abuse

Vít Ondruch vondruch at
Tue May 22 11:42:24 UTC 2012

Dne 22.5.2012 13:22, Stanislav Ochotnicky napsal(a):
> Quoting Vít Ondruch (2012-05-22 10:01:06)
>> Dne 21.5.2012 18:47, Stanislav Ochotnicky napsal(a):
>>> Quoting Ralf Corsepius (2012-05-21 17:13:56)
>>>> On 05/21/2012 12:09 PM, Matej Cepl wrote:
>>>>> On 21.5.2012 10:23, Ralf Corsepius wrote:
>>>>>> -1 changelogs are manually written documents and source files.
>>>>> And your commit messages are written by aliens?
>>>> My change logs are inside of the rpm.spec.
>>>>> You are lucky! I have to
>>>>> write them myself  (and I really hate that I have to write the same
>>>>> information thrice
>>>> I usually write them once:
>>>> <editor>   *.spec
>>>> fedpkg clog
>>>> fedpkg commit -F clog -p
>>>> [Due to "fedpkg clog" weaknesses, the commits being generated look awful.]
>>> Yes, I didn't like them either. That's why instead of whining I sent
>>> Jesse a patch and it's been fixed for a few months. I suggest you retry.
>> Ah, that was you who is proposing patches against guidelines [1] and
>> expectations, so now fedpkg is providing broken clog?
> You are mixing up spec %changelog with SCM log. Only thing I've changed
> was removing "-" in first item and adding 1 empty line after it.

Yes, that is the issue. Here is example of my real-life changelog:

* Thu Feb 14 2012 Vít Ondruch <vondruch at> - 2.21.2-1
- Rebuilt for Ruby 1.9.3.
- Updated to heroku 2.21.2.

Now if you run "fedpkg clog", the the clog file will contain:

Rebuilt for Ruby 1.9.3.

- Updated to heroku 2.21.2.

Which is complete nonsense.

>   I never
> use clog for creating changelog in spec so I don't know how it's
> supposed to work. I assume it stopped working right after cvs->fedpkg
> transition.

Neither did I and I don't think it is even possible ;) This seems to be 

>   Guidelines say nothing about SCM log, just about spec
> %changelog format

Yes, they says nothing about scm log, but "fedpkg clog" had some 
assumptions, e.g. several lines, each starting with dash. There is no 
relation between those lines. While in SCM log, you expect something 
like "brief description on first line" and "more elaborated description 
on others".

> I just do C-c C-r to raise release number, C-c C-e to
> write my message, then "fedpkg commit -c" to create commit out of it.
> Works like a charm

You can try "rpmdev-bumpspec" instead.


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