Still looking for reviewers and willing to review your package(s) in exchange

Peter Lemenkov lemenkov at
Mon May 28 09:31:09 UTC 2012


I still have several Erlang-related packages in my queue and if you
pick any of them for reviewing I'll start reviewing your packages.
Here they are:

* - erlang-lager - A logging
framework for Erlang/OTP
* - erlang-poolboy - A hunky Erlang
worker pool factory
* - erlang-egeoip - Erlang IP
Geolocation module
* - erlang-sext - Sortable Erlang
Term Serialization
* - erlang-basho_metrics - Fast
performance metrics for Erlang
* - erlang-gtknode - Erlang GTK2 binding
* - erlang-erlsha2 - SHA-224,
SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512 implemented in Erlang NIFs

Don't miss your chance to speed up significantly your package's
inclusion process!
With best regards, Peter Lemenkov.

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