another upgrade, another disaster

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> On reboot, I found a huge mess.  Duplicate packages (f16/f17) all
> over.

I did the upgrade using yum and ended up with the same end result. The steps to prepare the /usr split worked fine but when I brought the system back up after all was said and done I found I had both fc16 and fc17 versions of most if not all packages.

> So,
> 1) Could I have actually recovered from this mess without a complete
> re-install?

I eventually hit it with a hammer and did yum remove '*fc16*', when I reviewed the resultant transaction there were a handful of fc17 packages also removed as a result of dependencies but these were easily installed again, pulling in their fc17 dependencies instead. At this point I now appear to have a stable system and everything working, we'll see how long that lasts for though ;).

> 2) Can't we make the install fail more gracefully?
> 3) Would it be possible to continue an failed install, and have it
> actually
> work?
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