glusterfs rename

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Wed May 30 19:25:27 UTC 2012

On Wed, May 30, 2012 at 8:03 PM, Kaleb S. KEITHLEY <kkeithle at> wrote:
> On 05/30/2012 02:23 PM, Peter Robinson wrote:
>> Yes, for the Fedora side of things I think gluster 3.2 is the best
>> strategy with a fedorapeople repo of 3.3 if it's considered worthwhile
>> for those that wish to play. For gluster 3.3 I suggest a feature page
>> for F-18 / rawhide. Is it feasible for the missing hekafs features to
>> be merged into the 3.3 release train by October when F-18 is due to be
>> released?
> I was under the impression that glusterfs would be automatically carried
> forward from f17 into f18, as it apparently was from f16 into f17.

It will be carried forward but a major change of features and
enhancements is worth doing a feature page to advertise the feature
improvements (see the gnome feature page as an example[1] ), it's
something for marketing to use and allows you to also detail things
like the removal or merge of HekaFS.

> F18 builds (of 3.2.6) are already available in koji. Until now I haven't
> heard that a feature page is needed for 3.2.x (or 3.3.x) to be included in
> f18. (But how to deprecate HekaFS on f18 once the glusterfs-3.3.0 build is
> available.)

See above for feature page details. For deprecate HekaFS you add the
the appropriate obsoletes/provides as necessary to the gluster package
and follow the process for removing/obsoleteing a package in the wiki.

> The features that are in HekaFS (in f16 and f17) will get merged into
> glusterfs-3.3.1+, as I indicated previously, but I won't promise how many of
> them will be there when f18 ships. We certainly hope that all of them will
> be, but we aren't making any promises.

So that's something that can be documented in a feature page in the
wiki and updated as things progress through both the gluster devel
process and the fedora release process :)



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