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Hi Charles,

My name is Charles Amey.  I have a bachelor's degree in computer
> science.  I've been running linux since around 2001, and I got my RHCT
> in 2005.  I've got a couple other little projects on github,
>  scratchpad is the rewrite of my senior
> project.  Looking back at the code years later, the code was bad and I
> decided to rewrite it.  The powerwheels one is a collection of
> documents and code that a group of us put together in making a power
> wheels truck radio controlled.  There are some videos of the truck on
> youtube, and
> .
Welcome to fedora world.

> I hang out in the #fedora and #fedora channels on freenode.
> Here is my package request,
You have to add FE-NEEDSPONSOR to your package request block.

Please go through:

> --
> devel mailing list
> devel at

Praveen Kumar
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