As we develop SELinux we are adding new labels to homedir content

Miroslav Suchy msuchy at
Thu May 31 20:02:26 UTC 2012

On 31.5.2012 21:44, Daniel J Walsh wrote:
> A third option would be to run "restorecon -R -v $HOME" in background in an
> profile script the first time you login on a new OS Version.  This would seem
> to be the least time consuming, but could be subject to race conditions, you
> hit the mislabeled file before the restorecon fixes it.  This would be better
> then what we have now, in that everyone can hit the mislabeled file directory.

I mostly prefer latency on my workstation/latency and waiting for 
relabel is PITA. I would rather risk reboot if I ever hit that race 
condition (chance is 0.0001%?).
But on (production) server I would not mind waiting for relabeling.

I would propose to relabel in background by default (honestly my mother 
does not care about SElinux) and if user knows and care - as sysadmin of 
server - he will flip some option in /etc/selinux/config just before 
reboot and relabeling will be done in foreground as is done today with 


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