f18tc6 + texlive 2012: usable docbook, doxygen pdf toolchains

Benjamin De Kosnik bkoz at redhat.com
Fri Nov 2 02:14:53 UTC 2012

Using F18 TC6 in a KVM install, I was able to install texlive-2012 as
per the updates-testing packages, and look at the state of generating
documenation with DocBook toolchains using dblatex and Doxygen
toolchains using pdflatex. 

This is related to RH488651, the tracker bug to update TeX in Fedora to
one more closely matching upstream TeX development. 

Although updating TeX is not an Accepted Feature in F18, texlive-2012
packages are in updates-testing. Using these packages, with some
changes, I was able to get a usable doxygen configuration for PDF, and
came much closer for docbook 5. The full $SUBJECT is optimistic, alas. 

I'm really hoping that we can merge in the new TeX bits and fix them
up in place with a sprint where all concerned work on it. I'm not quite
sure what the criteria would be for the conversion from Tex 2007 to TeX
2012, but let me suggest workable docbook/doxygen/texinfo toolchains as

To that end:


1) docbook5-style-xsl

Issue with docbook.xsl typo/porting error. 

See GNOME BZ 687299

Fixed via hack:

2) doxygen-pdf needs

PreReq: texlive-sectsty
PreReq: texlive-tocloft
PreReq: texlive-xtab
PreReq: texlive-multirow

3) docbook5-style-xsl needs

PreReq: texlive-subfigure
PreReq: texlive-appendix
PreReq: texlive-changebar
PreReq: texlive-bibtopic
PreReq: texlive-overpic

4) any math formulas seem to need more than 


I just used the big guns:

yum install -y texlive-collection-fontsextra

These group packages for TeX fonts are great and I'm glad that Fedora
has them.

5) dblatex seems to be not working. Not quite sure what is going on,

Error is: incomplete /ifmmode. 

I took the generated F18 .xml input and ran it thourgh dblatex on a
working F17 install, no problems.

My plan is to try and report these problems in Fedora BZ, even though
these packages are still in updates testing? Call me crazy? Is there a
better place to report these bugs?


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