Proposal: changing development cycle

Paolo Leoni ulixes84 at
Mon Nov 5 13:21:42 UTC 2012

I'm a Fedora user and, occasionally, contributor.
I'm writing to you only to expose a simple proposal on Fedora future.

We are debating on how Fedora Development cycle could be improved, and, at
the same time, how to maintain its "bleeding edge" way.

So, this is my proposal:

We could introduce a periodically different Fedora development cycle, with
major and minor release numbers.
When we want release a new major version, we have a development cycle
pretty longer, e.g. one year.
For the minor release we have the old development cycle: 6 months.

The minor release that come before the major release could have a life
cycle with a lenght of 18 months, to compensate the longer devel cycle of
the next major release.

The time to begin development of a major released could be discussed and
decided by FESCo.

This is a simple graphical concept of the proposal:

|~~~~~~~~| = 6 months of distribution development

|----------------| = 6 months of distribution stable life

Fedora 17.8


Fedora 17.9


Fedora 18.0 (e.g.: introducing new anaconda...)


Fedora 18.1


Fedora 18.2



How do you think?

Paolo Leoni ~
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