Packages in need of new maintainers

Hans de Goede hdegoede at
Thu Oct 4 13:09:24 UTC 2012


On 10/03/2012 08:23 PM, Jon Ciesla wrote:
> As a result of FESCO ticket 952*, Lubomir Rintel's 200+ packages are
> in need of new maintainers.  Under normal circumstances we'd simply
> orphan them all, but given the large number we want to handle this in
> a more orderly fashion.
> Please reply to the list with any requests for ownership changes, and
> I'll complete them on a first-come, first-served basis.
> The current list:
> opengl-games-utils -- Utilities to check proper 3d support before launching 3d games

As the author of this mini package, I'll take this one :) co-maintainers welcome

> plee-the-bear -- 2D platform game

And I'll also take this one.

> pulseaudio -- Improved Linux sound server

???  !!!

> yofrankie-bge -- 3D Game with characters from Big Buck Bunny movie

And I'll also take this one.



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