abrt server report: 20121004

Richard Marko rmarko at redhat.com
Fri Oct 5 09:02:39 UTC 2012

On 10/04/2012 08:13 PM, Dave Jones wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 04, 2012 at 11:10:47AM -0400, Dave Jones wrote:
>  >  > Feature request:
>  >  > Can you do the same backtrace hashing abrt does, and provide a link to any
>  >  > bugs in bugzilla with the abrt_hash in the whiteboard ?
>  > 
>  > Never mind. It seems you do that, and I was looking at reports where no bug
>  > had been filed. Perhaps print "no bug filed yet" in that case ?
> Something else just occurred to me, that might be useful, would be to print the top-most function
> in the summary page.  Looking at https://retrace.fedoraproject.org/faf/problems/hot/*/*/kernel/
> it would be useful if I could see at a glance that bug 13935 was a wireless bug, without
> needing to click into it.

I agree.

> But...  A lot of the 'function' fields on kernel bugs are going to be the same.
> "warn_slowpath_common" or "warn_slowpath_null".  We have a billion WARN() statements all over
> the kernel, and it's more useful knowing the location of where those are placed than the
> function name of the WARN statement.

We will add the location and line numbers to these reports
but the implementation is not ready yet.

> Ie, the summary for https://retrace.fedoraproject.org/faf/problems/13955/
> should show "function: brcms_c_wait_for_tx_completion".
> There may be a few other function names that would also require similar special casing.

Sounds good. I've created tickets for all these improvements. Thanks!

Richard Marko

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