Confusing tracker bug naming

Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at
Sat Oct 6 20:42:28 UTC 2012

Currently Blocker bugs are named "F<release><milestone>":
      * FXXAlpha
      * FXXBeta
      * FXXBlocker
To indicate whether something was accepted as a blocker or not the
whiteboard is used: AcceptedBlocker or RejectedBlocker

Nice-to-have bugs are named "F<release><milestone>-accepted":
      * FXXAlpha-accepted
      * FXXBeta-accepted
      * FXX-accepted
To indicate whether something was accepted as a nice-to-have or not
again the whiteboard is used: AcceptedNTH or RejectedNTH.

This is inconsistent and confusing:
     1. Blocker bugs for alpha and beta don't have "blocker" in their
        name but the final has.
     2. Naming the NTH bugs "-accepted" can be easily confused with the
        whiteboard status and sounds like an accepted blocker, but not
        like only nice-to-have.

Therefor I propose:
      * F<release><Milestone>Blocker, that is FXXAlphaBlocker,
        FXXBetaBlocker, FXXBlocker.
      * F<release><Milestone>NTH, that is FXXAlphaNTH, FXXBetaNTH,
      * Whiteboard remains unchanged.

Questions, feedback, thoughts or rants anybody?

Kind regards,

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