Questions about the new comps

Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at
Sun Oct 7 19:32:24 UTC 2012

In order to reduce the size of the F18 Xfce spin, I wanted to edit comps
- but decided to not do so until I fully understand what is going on. I
seem to have missed a lot since since last our discussion at Blacksburg,
so have a lot of questions.

Here we go:
     1. How can a package maintainer define a default, but not mandatory
        package? Example: The Xfce SIG decided to no longer install
        xfce4-icon-theme by default. It just takes space and we don't
        use it. Nevertheless we want to enable users to install it
        easily. How would we do that? Define an extra group with only
        xfce4-icon-theme and make it an option of the Xfce environment?
     2. Even if I cannot do it in anacoda any longer, how would I do it
        in PackageKit? How can I make something show up in a group there
        without making it mandatory?
     3. How do the new groups translate into PackageKit groups? Will all
        options be listed in the side pane of gpk-applications? Will
        they dynamically change? Will all packages of a group be
     4. How to define conditionals?
     5. Is there more documentation than just

Best regards,

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